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In-Salon General Dog Wash

In-Salon General Dog Wash

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Service Steps:

Bathing: The primary focus of dog wash services is to clean the dog's coat thoroughly. This includes using appropriate shampoos and conditioners based on the dog's coat type and specific needs. The dog is bathed in a designated area, often in a tub with warm water.

Brushing: Before or after the bath, groomers may brush the dog's coat to remove tangles, loose hair, and mats. Brushing helps maintain the coat's health and appearance.

Drying: After the bath, dogs are typically dried using specialized dog dryers. Some facilities may offer hand-drying for more sensitive dogs or those that are uncomfortable with noisy dryers.

Nail Trimming: Many dog wash services also include nail trimming as part of the grooming package. This is an essential aspect of dog maintenance to prevent overgrown and painful nails.

Ear Cleaning: Cleaning a dog's ears is crucial for preventing infections and maintaining overall ear health. Some dog wash services include ear cleaning as part of their standard grooming package.

Additional Services: 

·      Flea Shampoo : $30.00

·       Nail Clip Small Breeds : $20.00

·       Nail Clip Medium/Large Breeds :  $30.00

·       Teeth Clean : $20.00

·       Footpad Care : $20.00

·       Ear Clean : $20.00

·       Ear Hair Plug : $30.00

·       Ear Hair Trim : $20.00

·       Long Hair Brush : $30.00

·       Face Trim : $30.00

·       Head Trim : $40.00

·       Anal Gland Expression : $30.00

·       Bottom Shave : $30.00

·       Dog Belly Shave : $40.00

·       Dog De-Shed - Small Breeds : $30.00

·       Dog De-Shed - Medium Breeds : $40.00

·       Dog De-Shed - Large Breeds : $50.00

·       Dog Legs Hairhand Cut : $40.00

·       Whole body Hairhand Cut : $70.00/Hour

·       Dog Hair De-Matting : $20.00/15mins

Dog Wash not available as a standalone at-home service.

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