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In-Salon Full Dog Groom

In-Salon Full Dog Groom

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The works! Shampoo, Full body Clip (shorter length), Full Body Brush, Nail Trimming, Ear Cleaning. All in the comfort of our Remuera salon.

Service Steps:

Consultation: When you arrive at our salon, our groomer will start by discussing your dog's specific needs and any special instructions you may have. We'll ensure we understand your preferences and your dog's unique requirements.

Pre-Grooming Assessment: We perform a pre-grooming assessment to check for any skin issues, matting, or other concerns. If we notice anything unusual, we'll discuss it with you and recommend appropriate steps.

Brushing: We begin the grooming process by thoroughly brushing your dog's coat. This helps remove tangles, mats, and loose fur, making the subsequent steps more comfortable for your pet.

Bathing: Your dog will enjoy a relaxing bath using high-quality, pet-safe shampoos and conditioners selected based on their coat type and any specific skin conditions. Our gentle bath ensures a thorough cleansing and a fresh, clean scent.

Blow-Drying: We use professional-grade dryers to carefully dry your dog's coat. This step also helps to fluff up their fur and create a sleek appearance.

Nail Trimming: Our groomers carefully trim your dog's nails to an appropriate length, avoiding the quick. This helps prevent discomfort and potential injury.

Ear Cleaning: We clean your dog's ears to remove any dirt or wax buildup, reducing the risk of infections and discomfort.

Sanitary Trim: If necessary, we trim the hair around your dog's sanitary areas to keep them clean and comfortable.

Styling: Depending on your preferences and your dog's breed, we can perform breed-specific styling, including trimming, scissoring, and shaping their coat to your desired look.

Finishing Touches: We use pet-friendly finishing sprays and colognes to leave your dog smelling fresh and clean. A bandana or bow can also be added for that extra touch of style.

Final Inspection: Before your dog leaves our salon, we conduct a final inspection to ensure all grooming tasks are complete, and your pet looks their best.

Post-Grooming Consultation: We'll provide you with feedback on your dog's grooming session, including any recommendations for at-home care and maintenance.

Additional Services: 

·      Flea Shampoo : $30.00

·       Nail Clip Small Breeds : $20.00

·       Nail Clip Medium/Large Breeds :  $30.00

·       Teeth Clean : $20.00

·       Footpad Care : $20.00

·       Ear Clean : $20.00

·       Ear Hair Plug : $30.00

·       Ear Hair Trim : $20.00

·       Long Hair Brush : $30.00

·       Face Trim : $30.00

·       Head Trim : $40.00

·       Anal Gland Expression : $30.00

·       Bottom Shave : $30.00

·       Dog Belly Shave : $40.00

·       Dog De-Shed - Small Breeds : $30.00

·       Dog De-Shed - Medium Breeds : $40.00

·       Dog De-Shed - Large Breeds : $50.00

·       Dog Legs Fur Cut by Hand: $40.00

·       Whole Body Fur Cut by Hand: $70.00/Hour

·       Dog Hair De-Matting : $20.00/15mins

Additional services will be added to the grooming cost and can be discussed prior to your groom.

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